The Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Africa is an organization that advocates for youth friendly policy environment and framework which is in line with government of South Africa’s commitment of including the youth in meaningful economic activities. The YCCISA remains the best, credible and sound voice that speaks and advances the interest of youth businesses in the country, either big or small for all the racial groups.

The YCCISA was formed according to the Youth Enterprise Development Strategy of the Department of Trade and Industry and facilitated to its formation by the National Youth Development Agency.

Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry SouthAfrica was formed in response to the complex challenges and or red tapes formed against youth businesses in the country today; according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), South Africa is scoring low on the Total Entrepreneurship Activity. This is as a result that youth in the country does not possess entrepreneurship spirit, hence the low entrepreneurial activities in the country. It is the direct responsibility of the chamber to ensure that many young people are involved in entrepreneurship and they form businesses that will be sustainable.

In an attempt to bring relief to the Youth Businesses in the Country, YCCISA has introduced a Relief Fund to assist young people in businesses, that are already affected by the corona virus pandemic. The Fund will assist youth entrepreneurs from operational costs, paying labour costs, rental and etc.

In a state that was recently hit by recession, things will get even worse not only for young entrepreneurs but for the country as a whole, because of the sad impact this pandemic will leave us with when is over.

It has been proven all over that, the global challenge of unemployment can only be tackled through entrepreneurship, it is for this reason amongst others that we feel as Chamber is our responsibility to safe our government from the already looming disaster that will be left with by trying to safe the already existing SMMEs, whether formal and informal as we believe they are playing a pivotal role in assisting government from eradicating the unemployment challenge in the country.

In his last SONA, his excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned that entrepreneurship should be a compulsory subject in our schools, with the belief that it’s only mechanism in place for now to deal away with the worst unemployment rate in our country since 1994 of 29%. Therefore we cannot be seen as stakeholders who are supporting the government initiatives for the betterment of economic development failing to maintain the already existing small businesses, yet we call for young people to get into entrepreneurship as many as possible to eradicate the drastic unemployment rate in our country.

As an organization with its own constituency, we felt it’s upon ourselves as the structure to come up with a viable and sound making idea to assist our constituency in these trying times where our country is facing this pandemic. As caring and understanding people, we also felt it cannot be limited to only our constituency but to all the young entrepreneurs in our country who are making sure they put bread on the table for their families and have also employed other young people to do the same for their families, also assisting in eradicating the ongoing battle with unemployment in South Africa.

It is because of the above reasons we feel that there is a serious need to work together with government to make sure everyone is safe and able to get essentials during this sad period our country find itself in, we are definitely sure this program shall bear the fruitful outcomes in the end and to ease the already burden on the government shoulders during this period and after.

The YCCISA will also like to address to disgusting behavior by the recent mickey mouse playing kind of “donation” by the Rupert and Oppenheimer’s families, whereby our Government will be used for minority’s interest during a time our country and SMMEs are finding themselves in. We are so embarrassed from our government also for not coming back to us as South Africans and mostly those in small businesses regarding this misinformation, or maybe a communique to those families and or anybody who misled the President because as the country we know the “Donation” and not “loan” from them.

We are feeling that our already affected SMMEs are to be taken advantage of by this “defacto presidents” of our country, this should not be left unattended as it has shown there are people who can still do anything even if it’s through our lives to maximize their profits. As the YCCISA we reject that loan and edge our members and none-members to not apply for those loans and instead work together with us in making this Relief Fund work, so that we can assist them without expecting anything in return.

For applicants to be considered for the Relief Funding, one MUST:

  1. Be a South African citizens.
  2. Be 18 to 35 years of age.
  3. Have a already existing business.

Business Categories: All youth businesses are encouraged to apply but mostly informal traders, whom are not included in other rescuing funding methods put on place by government during this time.

Applications should be forwarded to: ( Applications should include the following information and documents:

For formal businesses:

  1. Email Subject: Company Name
  2. Copy of your ID
  3. Company Registration Certificate
  4. Tax Compliance
  5. BBBEE Certificate / Affidavit
  6. Company Profile
  7. Annual Turnover?
  8. Three months Bank statements
  9. How many employees?
  10. Name of the business
  11. Name and Surname of all Directors
  12. Contact number
  13. Business Email Address
  14. Physical address
  15. A Motivation why and how your business should be assisted and how is the pandemic affecting it.

For informal business:

  1. Email Subject (Company Name)
  2. Copy of your ID
  3. Name of the business
  4. Name and Surname of the Owner (s)
  5. Contact number
  6. Email address
  7. Physical address
  8. Mini Business Profile
  9. Current Bank Statement ( Personal/Business) 10. How many employees?
  10. A Motivation why and how your business should be assisted and how is the pandemic affecting it.
  11. A proof confirming business existence from Local Municipality and or Ward Councilor.


  1. Direct Donation to the Relief Fund Initiative If you’d like to make a donation directly to the fund, please use the banking details below and kindly email the deposit information to for the purpose of the stats, audit and thank-you message from YCCISA for your generosity!

Bank Account Details

Account name: Youth Business Relief Fund
Bank Name: Standard Bank
Account Number: 10130686024
Account type: Cheque
Account Branch code : 051001

  1. Direct Donation to the Donee

If you’d like to make a donation directly to the donee, their details can be furnished and direct donations be made and kindly email the deposit information to: for the purpose of stats and thank-you message from YCCISA for your generosity.

Invitation to Serve on the Youth Business Relief Fund Interim Board

YCCISA is also inviting interested people to serve in the interim YBRF Board, where they will be required to showcase their professional skills and expertise for transparency and accountability to the Relief Fund Board. The members will advice the Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Africa, especially the Office of the Treasurer General as the one will be working with this initiative with regards to the control and management of the Relief Fund.

The following necessary professional skills and expertise shall be the minimum requirements to serve in the Board: Experience in Government field and familiar with relevant policies, entrepreneurship skills, relevant qualifications, knowledge in law related issues, youth development, skills in technology, media, financial experience.

Interested candidates can visit our website or send their applications to:

NB! Candidates should at least be 21 years of age to 35 years. Closing date for applications: 10th April 2020


Issued by Office of the YCCISA Treasurer General

For Interviews:

Victor Mashego 0723372339
YCCISA National President

For any other information, partnerships, donations:

Edgar Legoale 0730569844
YCCISA Treasurer General
Website :