When the word ‘donate’ was used when describing the contribution by White Monopoly Capital, we thought this is a strategic move for them to redeem themselves, we thought youth business would benefit since they are the ones which will suffer the most….

Now we are told that the word ‘donation’ has evolved to ‘loans’, our question was, “How you borrow an informal salon or car wash money?,what it means is that, when this is over, its no longer hand to your mounth, its hand to WMC’s mouth as you repay the loan”

Without making noise, we realized that youth business is on it’s own in this crisis, we then realized we have to be the solution to our own problems…

We are almost ready to launch the Youth Business Relief Fund, this fund will allow us to contribute as small as R10 towards this relief,our main aim is to make this a grant initiative🙏🏽🙏🏽

Full Media Press to follow

Victor Mashego

Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Africa President