Who we are

The Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Africa is an organization that advocates for youth friendly policy environment and framework which is in line with government of South Africa’s commitment of including the youth in meaningful economic activities.

The YCCISA remains the best, credible and sound voice that speaks and advances the interest of youth businesses in the country, either big or small for all the racial groups and different political affiliations. The YCCISA was formed according to the Youth Enterprise Development Strategy of the Department of Trade and Industry and facilitated to formation by the National Youth Development Agency.

Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry South Africa was formed in response to the complex challenges and or red tapes formed against youth businesses in the country today; according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), South Africa is scoring low on the Total Entrepreneurship Activity. This is as a result that youth in the country does not possess entrepreneurship spirit, hence the low entrepreneurial activities in the country. It is the direct responsibility of the chamber to ensure that many young people are involved in entrepreneurship and they form businesses that will be sustainable.

As the fund is an initiative of the Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Africa NPC, The fund will be administered through Office of the Treasurer General Mr. Edgar Legoale and shall act as Chairperson of the Youth Business Relief Fund . All activities of the fund will be transparent and accountable.