In an attempt to bring relief to the Youth Businesses in the Country, YCCISA has introduced a Relief Fund to assist young people in businesses that are already affected by the corona virus pandemic. The Fund will assist youth entrepreneurs from operational costs, paying labour costs, rental and etc.

In a state that was recently hit by recession, things will get even worse not only for young entrepreneurs but for the country as a whole, because of the sad impact this pandemic will leave us with when is over.

It has been proven all over that the global challenge of unemployment can only be tackled through entrepreneurship, it is for this reason amongst others that we feel as Chamber is our responsibility to safe our government from the already looming disaster that will be left with by trying to safe the already existing SMMEs, whether formal and informal as we believe they are playing a pivotal role in assisting government from tackling the unemployment challenge in the country.

In his last SONA his excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa mentioned that entrepreneurship should be a compulsory subject in our schools, with the belief that it’s only mechanism in place for now to deal away with the worst unemployment rate in our country since 1994 of 29%. Therefore we cannot be seen as stakeholders who are supporting the government initiatives for the betterment of economic development failing to maintain the already existing small businesses, yet we call for young people to get into entrepreneurship as many as possible to eradicate the drastic unemployment rate in our country.

As an organization with its own constituency, we felt it’s upon ourselves as the structure to come up with a viable and sound making idea to assist our constituency in these trying times where our country is facing this pandemic. As caring and understanding people, we also felt it cannot be limited to only our constituency but to all the young entrepreneurs in our country who make sure they put bread on the table for their families and have also employed other young people to do the same for their families, also assisting in eradicating the ongoing battle with unemployment in South Africa.

It is because of the above reasons we feel that there is a serious need to work together with government to make sure everyone is safe and able to get essentials during this sad period our country find itself in, we are definitely sure this program shall bear the fruitful outcomes in the end and to ease the already burden on the government shoulders during this period.

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